Hide Your Location and IP

Like every other VPN service, VPN Proxy Master also covers up your geographical location and your IP address. You can even access websites and apps that are not allowed in your region and have the privilege of enjoying the content the natives of the region host.

Unlimited Video Stream

Not only does VPN Master offer you unlimited video streaming so that you can easily watch content without any geographical restrictions; it also provides access to Netflix and Disney+ as well.

Secure Wi-Fi connection

VPN Master provides a secure Wi-Fi connection. You do not need to take care of the legal problems associated with your Internet Service department anymore. By using VPN Master, your geographical location, your search history as well as your Internet browsing is concealed to a huge extent.

Encrypts Traffic

VPN Proxy Master uses AES-128 encryption which is considered its real strength. It also uses different protocols like IPSec and OpenVPN. Both are industry level protocols and result in powerful performance regarding speed and protection.