Unblock Websites, Apps and Games

When you are browsing without a VPN, your location can be accessed and known by anyone. Then unfortunately, you can never use the websites and the content that are banned or restricted in your region. But when you start using a VPN, you can use the blocked sites easily as the VPN shows a different location of yours than your actual one.

Enhanced Security

When you are using a VPN, the data travels in the encrypted form. It uses many protocols such as IPSec, TLS or SSL to make sure the security of a user’s privacy. It secures all the traffic going in and out. The IP address never even remains the same when you are browsing via VPN. This makes your business websites, conversations and transactions much protected than by using the usual incognito mode.

Bypass Geo-Restricted Content

VPN can bypass geo-restricted content. It provides you a server that can be located worldwide. When you start browsing with a vpn, it looks like you are from another location(where the server is located) and you are browsing from another computer with a new IP address. The restricted content hosts will bypass you, assuming your virtual location as the real one.

Fast Transaction Speed

VPN won’t increase your Internet speed directly but it sometimes provides a faster transaction speed than by performing the normal Internet browsing. It keeps your web browsing & search history private.

Another great feature of VPN is that it provides complete anonymity…VPN keeps your browsing and search history private. It is safer than the incognito mode and can be availed very easily anytime anywhere.